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 £15 a month sponsors a child at Uzima
Please help us in supporting these children & working towards improving their lives by giving them food and an education and therefore hope for a better future. A regular income helps us to be able to plan ahead and support these children even better.
After careful consideration we have decided that the fairest and most suitable way to use the money donated is to keep the Orphan Centre running. This means that the money you donate will not be given to the individual child, as this could potentially cause more problems than be a help to the family that cares for them. The children that attend Uzima truly value the Centre as a place to go that gives them 'life and hope'  in their unbelievably hard lives. At Uzima they receive a basic education, two meals a day and also the medical treatment that many require. The Centre is now only just surviving financially and it desperately requires funds for the very basics. Your sponsorship will provide a reliable source of income that will be incredibly valuable to many children.  We do not use the children's real names on this website for their protection.
You can choose to pay by Direct Debit or Standing order.

Every year you will get an up to date photo of your sponsored child and a chance to write them a letter.

To sponsor a child please click here

Michael Mugeni (2).jpg

Tom- thank you for sponsoring me

Anyango Metrine 2_edited.jpg

Metrine- thank you for sponsoring me

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Nelson W (3).png


Leah A.jpg

Leah - thank you for sponsoring me

Faima Anyango (2).jpg

Vicki- thank you for sponsoring me

Cynthia Naomi.jpg

Lola-thank you for sponsoring me

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Judith A (3).jpg

Judith - thank you for sponsoring me

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John D

Morphat J (2).png

Morphat- thank you for sponsoring me

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