Special Needs 

In 2015 a programme for children with disabilities was launched. This programme aims to reach children outside Uzima as well as funding a Special Needs Class.

At Uzima, children with disabilities are supported in a variety of ways:

  • Three children attend nearby Nangina Special School (boarding)

  • Two young adults who are deaf attend a nearby high school for the deaf

  • Children within Uzima who have additional needs have extra support on a daily or weekly basis.

  • 2 support groups meet monthly for parents/ carers of children with special needs

  • Several children have received wheelchairs

  • A small number of children with disabling conditions such as club foot, osteomyelitis and hydrocephalus have had surgical treatment provided with funds from Uzima.

  • Two children receive regular medication for epilepsy

  • Trizer, in the photo, receives extra support at home paid for by Uzima