Teenager Size Sweatshirt for a teenager at Uzima

Sweatshirt for a child at Uzima (Teenager Size)  Every year we order some more sweatshirts from Big Wight t.shirt on the Isle of Wight for the children of Uzima. Thank you for helping us pay for one. The monies donated will be used to buy a sweatshirt which will be sent directly to the children at Uzima.  Most of the sweatshirts last well over a year but sometimes one gets lost or badly damaged and needs replacing or they have grown out of them. Every year a few new kids join Uzima too. They are very hard worn, often being worn 24/7 and kids will be kids! For most children, this is the first and only brand new piece of clothing they have ever had. Their school identity is very important to them so a sweatshirt with a logo means a lot.   In the unlikely event that we can't buy a sweatshirt or we have enough at present, this money will go into Uzima's general fund.


*You do not receive this product as it goes directly to the children at Uzima but you will recieve a gift certficate via email*

We can Gift Aid this item as you are gifting it to Uzima so if you are a tax payer and haven't filled in a Gift Aid form for us please do so by clicking the 'DONATE' button on the Home page-Thank You


Alterative Purchase Option:

If you prefer you can also purchase a sweatshirt through our total giving page: https://www.totalgiving.co.uk/appeal/Sweatshirts4Uzima

Teenager Size Sweatshirt for a teenager at Uzima

  • Your purchase supplies a sweatshirt to a child.


    Previously sweatshirts were kindly donated by Carisbrooke C of E Primary School parents. As you can imagine they have been well worn ever since. Having their own identity by wearing a matching uniform meant so much to them, and now we want to go one step further and supply something NEW and with their OWN logo.  These children have never had a brand new uniform since starting school.