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A pig and food

Uzima's farm would has some pigs.  The children can learn how to care for them, keep them healthy and breed them as well which is a good way of making a bit of money. Pigs are often tethered in this part of Kenya but unlike the sheep and goats they need to have food bought for them to fatten them up sufficiently. The price includes enough food to feed the pig you buy for a year. The monies donated will be used to buy a pig and its food which will be sent directly to the children at Uzima.  In the unlikely event that we can't buy a pig or we have enough pigs at present, this money will go into Uzima's general fund.

*You do not receive this product as it goes directly to the children at Uzima but you will recieve a gift certficate via email*

We can Gift Aid this item as you are gifting it to Uzima so if you are a tax payer and haven't filled in a Gift Aid form for us please do so by clicking the 'DONATE' button on the Home page-Thank You

A pig and food

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