A pair of school shoes

One pair of school shoes for a child at Uzima.  Every year we supply the children with school shoes that help prevent them getting 'jiggers' The monies donated will be used for a pair of shoes which will be bought during our visit for the children at Uzima.  We put shoes as a high priority because the children often walk a long way to school but more crucially shoes help prevent the children getting 'jiggers'.  Jiggers are a flea that lays its eggs in human's feet and the eggs then hatch and are very painful and likely to get infected.  Since buying shoes at Uzima finding jiggers in the children's feet has dropped from 50% to virtually nothing.

*You do not receive this product as it goes directly to the children at Uzima but you will recieve a gift certficate via email*

We can Gift Aid this item as you are gifting it to Uzima so if you are a tax payer and haven't filled in a Gift Aid form for us please do so by clicking the 'DONATE' button on the Home page-Thank You

A pair of school shoes

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    'To support the children at Uzima Orphan and Day Care Centre, in the Samia district of Western Kenya.  To provide education, food and basic health care for local children who live in extreme poverty, many of whom are orphans'

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