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Did you Know?

A Sunday School Teacher called Evans Bwier Barasa founded the Orphan Centre when he heard of a young girl in his class who had died of malnutrition and pneumonia.

Evans said “Due to the poverty within the community there was no-one to care for her”. This troubled him especially when he heard that more and more children were dying for the same reasons.

After investigating the magnitude of the problem, he consulted with his father who donated a piece of land, approximately 2 acres.

Using volunteers and those within the community, a temporary building was erected as a place the children could attend during the day to relieve the burden on the families

Joy Mowle visited Uzima in February 2013 and purchased 128 chickens and 12 cows for Uzima. She also bought the materials to build shelters for the animals. She was able to do from kind donations received over the Christmas period. £2730 was donated and £2730 was received by the Orphan Centre.

Some of the monies will be used to feed the children and provide medical treatment..

Joy along with Dave and Maxine Stubbings are now heading up fund raising in the UK and are now really pleased to have ‘Uzima in Our Hands’ registered as a charity in the UK (1153181).

 Please see the news page for the latest updates.

How did it all start?

Uzima originally fed and educated 128 children. Over the last 6 months this has reduced to 88 because of a lack of funds.

Uzima currently receives NO funding, other than what we are trying to raise at Uzima In Our Hands. AMREF (African medical and Research Foundation) gave Uzima a start up grant of £12,000 in 2009. This ended in June 2012, Evans has worked miracles spreading this money around.

Teachers are currently working for no pay! How long would you work for no pay?

In 2011 Joy noticed a slight deterioration in the children's clothes and appearance.

In 2012, there was further deterioration in their diet. Their diet was missing the wholesome beans they had had on 2011.

In 2013 Evans informed me how he could no longer accommodate 128 children and 40 had to be turned away. Their meals had also been reduced from 2 to 1 per day

How would you choose which 40 children to turn away? We are pleased not to have had to make that decision.

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