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Big Change from Small Business - Our Project with Five Talents

We hope to start this programme in the autumn, when Five Talents will train one or two 'facilitators' for Uzima, who will then set up 6-12 local Savings Groups. After saving for 6 months, members can borrow a small amount to set up their own small business, which could be in anything from chicken farming to mending clothes. 

This project is expected to run for 2-3 years. It takes time to establish a programme like this which is very much not a hand out. The community have to save pennies themselves and put the effort in. But the best news is that done this way, it really works! Five Talents have an impressive success rate. 

You can read more about Five Talents and many inspirational stories on their website

Can you help us make this happen?


If you can help by donating to this project, please visit - thank you hugely.


Every penny always goes to help the children. We are thrilled to have already received nearly £5,000 towards this exciting project which has the potential, long term, to lift whole families out of poverty. We are really quite excited! 

Could you help raise funds by doing a sponsored activity of your own? We'd love to hear from you! You could do some crazy, inspiring sporting feat like Sue Akers, meet some friends for a BBQ on the beach, or hold a cake sale this summer. 

We would also be grateful if you could pass on any ideas of businesses or organisations, local or otherwise, who we could write to who may be interested in supporting entrepreneurialism at Uzima. 

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