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1. How much of what I give reaches the orphanage?

Every penny collected from cash donations and standing orders is sent to Kenya. We have to pay 1% of each direct debit payment in fees to the provider we use at present. We use BTMyDonate as their services are sponsored by BT and costs are kept are kept to an absolute minimum. Please see their website for more information. The trustee’s do not receive anything from the charity and any expenses i.e printing costs, premises hire and trips are funded entirely from their own resources.

The Orphanage produces it’s own independently audited accounts annually and these are available on request.

2. Does Uzima follow a school curriculum (mtaala), the same as government run schools?

Yes, Uzima does follow the same curriculum (mtaala) same as the government run schools. They have also performed really well in local government assessments coming first of 300 locals schools, a truly amazing achievement. More recently we had more tests in an external examination for classes 5, 6 and 7 and the performance very encouraging.

Class 5 was position 3 in the zone out of 25 schools.

Class 6 was position 2 in the zone out of 25 schools.

Class 7 was position 2 in the zone out of 25 schools.

3. Will the students at Uzima sit exams and tests? the same as the government schools?

Yes, the children at Uzima sit the same exams as the government schools.

4. Will they receive a certificate of education from Uzima, when they leave?

Yes, they will receive a recognised certificate when they leave Uzima.

5. What age do the children leave Uzima, and will they at the moment possess any kind of qualification? And does Uzima follow up on children that leave Uzima?

This children normally leave Uzima At the age of 17 years,they are given a certificate to show that they have gone through a basic primary education at Uzima. When we used to be funded by Amref we had a budget for follow up and home visits but I think we will start this program soon.

6. This is based on education Uzima is providing at the moment. When we have the opportunity to provide Vocational work, do you think it would be possible to provide certificates in this, or would this be on a work experience qualification.

It is a very good idea to give a certificate when they complete vocational training this would help them to get employment even to be given some work to do in the community.

7. Do any of the families that send the children to Uzima pay anything or contribute in anyway?

We are open to support at Uzima from the community including the families in any form however they rarely contribute anything at the moment,they used to bring some food stuffs when the harvest is good but this is seasonal again not all of them would do that.

8. Are the children assessed for entitlement before admission into the school?

Yes, as our school is intended to provide education to the most needy, we carry out a thorough home assessment of their circumstances. A follow up assessement is also A sample form in PDF is available to download here.

9. Where actually is Uzima Academy in Kenya?  

Click here to see us on Google Maps.