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Would you like to sponsor a child from Uzima?

Only £15 per month would make so much difference to their lives.

Just click on the link below the photo to sponsor. WE will then contact you as soon as we can with more information and the child's story.

100% of your donation will go to Uzima! Every penny you give goes directly to the orphanage. Every cost in the UK is covered by the trustees out of their own funds.

Please help us in supporting these children & working towards improving their living conditions.

A regular income will help Uzima in working towards becoming self-sustainable.

Thankyou_for_sponsoring Thankyou_for_sponsoring Thankyou_for_sponsoring Thankyou_for_sponsoring jelca edith kevin Thankyou_for_sponsoring sarah jared Thankyou_for_sponsoring irine Thankyou_for_sponsoring hilary Thankyou_for_sponsoring mophat Thankyou_for_sponsoring nabwira Thankyou_for_sponsoring pheston Thankyou_for_sponsoring samuel Thankyou_for_sponsoring talia seith Thankyou_for_sponsoring shavin Thankyou_for_sponsoring zuano Thankyou_for_sponsoring vivian Thankyou_for_sponsoring shivan Thankyou_for_sponsoring rachel michelle Thankyou_for_sponsoring macy Thankyou_for_sponsoring Thankyou_for_sponsoring Thankyou_for_sponsoring